Porn stats: ‘40 something man’, still our concern

Since 2011, PRUK has been involved in consulting with a number of television production companies as they have researched and produced programmes with various ‘takes’ on pornography. Almost without variation, they have been interested in programmes focused on young people and porn.

While young users undoubtedly have negative issues with their use of porn, the 40 to 50 year-old age group remains the one we worry about most. Why? Not only because of the volume of contacts we have within this age group (by far the greatest) but also because these are the fathers of the upcoming generations. Figures supplied by therapy-space Cambridge concur with the contacts we get here at PRUK.

Stats revealed

From Jan 2010 to June 2014 the mean average age of 397 contacts made by males who self-refer and identify their main presenting problem as porn addiction, dependency or life-affecting difficulty was 42 years 9 months.

The age range in the reported figure spanned from 17 years 4 months to 72 years 3 months.*


*Figures supplied by therapy-space cambridge