So, what can you do in 2 mins?

IMG_0107Having read that more people watch a movie clip than read the same message in text on a website or blog, PRUK recently decided to get into the ‘movie business’ and make some 2-minute films about the issues people have with porn. Filmmaking is quite an exciting process. Having been involved with many TV, radio and media productions during recent years, our modest efforts aren’t going to win any BAFTAs. However, we hope that people might feel able to watch and pass these little movie messages on, spreading some honest information around the global cyber-village!

Being concerned with people’s confidentiality at all times, we decided that rather than asking anyone to sit in front of a camera a great way to make the films would be as stop motion animations. So, look out for, ‘Could this be your partner?’ in a few weeks’


Technical issues after the initial launch has meant that we have removed the movie clips for the time being. However, we hope to have them in place for this coming autumn.