Welcome to the Porn Recovery UK blog (helping with porn addiction and cybersex and Internet sexual addictions). You can also visit our website at www.porn-recovery.co.uk  Despite the difficulties pornography throws up for many members of society, a conscious decision has been made on this blog not to judge pornography, cybersex or other related activities, or those who use them. The blog does not take a political stance, and is not faith based, since it is hoped that it will then help and appeal to the widest audience possible for a site of this nature.

The Porn Recovery UK blog has: entries from ‘EVAN’ on his process of recovery from a 30 year using habit; statistics about porn usage; a chapter extract from the book Turned On: Intimacy in a pornized society (about the process of initiation into porn in the 1970s); and Stephanie’s story, an article from a female user of pornography and cybersex. There are also tips on how to lower your use of Internet pornography and some suggestions for feeling less desensitized; more statistics about porn; articles; comment; and some case studies including Jake who first got into porn in the 2000s; and Emily’s story – the partner of Tony who had difficulties with Internet porn that lead to the police removing his computers for forensic examination. There is also information for therapists about why they need to know about porn. The Porn Recovery UK site keeps growing with more help and information about porn recovery, porn addiction, Internet sexual addiction and cybersex. Please visit again sometime.


All the information on this site has been derived from consensually given material. In the interests of the ethical protection of people’s identities, the material given has, in many cases, been further disguised.

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