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Hello media contacts

Please read the words below before getting in touch …

Porn Recovery UK is on a mission to educate and help anyone affected by pornography and cybersexual addiction – this includes, but is not limited to users (male and female), wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and parents.

Here are the top five things you may need to know about us:

1 Porn Recovery UK does not take a political stance, and is not faith based, since it is hoped that it will then help and appeal to the widest audience possible for a site of this nature.

2 Porn Recovery UK believes that there are gradations of pornography. Some people see pornography where others see erotica in the same image.

3 Porn Recovery UK believes that there are trends in pornography leading to ever-more extreme material being openly available via the Internet.

4 Porn Recovery UK believes that the effect porn has on individuals varies greatly and that some people are much more vulnerable to deleterious effects from it.

5 Porn Recovery UK responds to the distress pornography causes people in their life.

If these five points don’t answer any questions you might have, and you have already checked our website then Duncan E. Stafford (psychotherapist and author of Turned On: Intimacy in a Pornized Society (WiTTING PRESS 2010) is happy for media contacts to be made through him about PRUK’s work or any aspect of pornography and cybersex dependency and ‘addiction’.

NB Porn Recovery UK never puts members of the media in contact with ‘addicts’ or users; it’s one of our ethical guidelines. Other than that, we are very friendly …