How do you find us?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABack in October 2011 we began occasional posts of a list of phrases, key words and people searched for that had brought readers to the PRUK site. Searching through the stats of the blog has allowed us to see that at least two sorts of people find our blog: the people we write it for who are looking for help, information and support about porn usage and ‘addiction’; and then the people who are searching for porn itself but land up on the site because of the number of times we use a particular search term. Below you can see the most update list. Why do we post it? Because we know that there are many people unhappy with the way they use the Internet for porn, and coming across our site might allow them to pause, stop and consider what and how they use porn. We underline that this site is not here to judge pornography, cybersex or other related activities, or those who use them. The blog does not take a political stance, and is not faith based, since it is hoped that it will then help and appeal to the widest audience possible for a site of this nature. If people are distressed by their engagement with porn or by another person’s use of it, then we hope the PRUK blog might help them discover something useful to them. So, here are some selected search terms and phrases people have used to find us in recent months:


This blog post has now been edited to remove this list


This blog post has now been edited to remove this list


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