There Once Was a Young Man . . . (pt 1)

Desi FoxxHere at PRUK we have a diverse range of contributor stories covering many aspects of the problems porn has brought into peoples lives. It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we can bring you the first contribution from former pornstar Desi Foxx.

The story I’m about to tell you is one I’ve longed to write for some time. A colleague and I decided to collaborate on some projects dealing with the harms of pornography on our society, so this article is the first of, hopefully, many more to come. The subject of porn addiction is as controversial as any other new age disorder in question, but the statistics all support the fact that becoming addicted to the use of pornography works in many of the same ways that other addictions present themselves.

I’m not a doctor and I’m not a scientist, so it’s not my place to quote stats or discuss terminology. Last year, we saw US President, Barack Obama, call for more studies on the correlation between violent pornography, video games and entertainment and America’s tendency to create more mass murderers and serial rapists and killers than any other country in the world. The fact that the USA creates most of the violent and hyper-sexualized content in question in our societies today directly supports the multitude of research that proves violent content, however it’s presented, will alter a person’s personality and behaviour, in a negative manner, more times than not. An overwhelming mountain of evidence is there, but even more compelling are the first-hand experiences of those harmed by these damaging products and services pimped to our societies as innocent entertainment.

As addicts know and can attest to through their own suffering and the suffering of those around them, the issue isn’t really about proving the reality of porn addiction at all. It’s about the corporate entities and governments who don’t want to accept the responsibility, both in action and financially, to make changes, to repair the damage and to restore the individuals harmed by their irresponsible enterprising and legislation.

No, I’m not a stats person. I’m an ex-pornstar. I’m someone who had a normal life and got wrapped up in something that no one, except those who have been there, really knows anything about. That’s the production of American pornography, which makes up over 80 per cent of the entire world’s online porn production. What makes my story any different from the thousands of other teen girls and women who have also gone there? Absolutely nothing. Definitely everything!

I spent 18 months working inside what the mainstream world calls the Los Angeles adult entertainment industry. I know exactly what they produce in Porn Valley. I wasn’t a naive teen girl who ended up there looking for stardom. I was a 47 year-old business woman. I won’t go into why I went into the porn industry. Pornstars all go into the skin flick biz for different reasons, but all include various levels of personal hardships that had rocked their worlds in one fashion or another. It’s always one of the first questions asked of a pornstar but, really, the whys are the least of the important things we need to know. What keeps pornography alive and well and harming everyone it touches should be of much more immediate concern.

Today, I work as a sex trafficking activist fighting for the girls and women who end up working in the destructive and degrading porn industry. Because there is so much harm from porn found in all areas of our societies, I fight on behalf of all the relevant issues as an anti-porn activist as well. My main work deals more with the end result of the harm done by working in Porn Valley but, in order to truly win this battle, we really must address where the harm begins. That is, how porn is allowed to be produced illegally in the USA and sold as a harmful product and, most importantly, how the consumption of pornography, which activists call ‘The Demand’ for pornography, is the only real reason the pornography business is alive and thriving today.

Porn addicts can really help in fighting ‘The Demand’ once they are healed. Sharing your stories so that others can relate and understand what has happened to them, how they lost control of their own lives and how they can get their lives back is key to freeing us all from the scourges of today’s pornography. As long as men continue to consume pornography at such alarming rates, there will be evil-doers, corrupt corporations and heartless criminals who will gladly provide it regardless of the damage it causes. That is what leads me to my story today. I dedicate this story to all the men out there who are currently battling with sex and porn addiction …

In the second part of this story, Desi Foxx tells us about a chance encounter through her voluntary work as a consultant on the connection between sex trafficking and the porn industry.

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