A sobering statistic from Roger

Roger recently made contact with us about his porn addiction. He is currently considering our request to write an article for PRUK but he has already given us permission to reveal a rather unnerving statistic drawn from his personal history with porn. Now in the early days of his retirement at 61 years of age, Roger has been reflecting on some of the ways he feels he wasted parts of his life. He told us how he had gone into therapy last year – ‘A little bit on the late side,’ he joked, ‘but you can’t rush these things’ – due to a dependency he has had on pornography and masturbation since he was 15 years old. ‘I was never that bothered with figures beyond my salary, but when I first started my therapy I got my calculator out and number-crunched,’ he said. ‘I added up all the time I’ve spent with porn, and my figures are an estimation,’ he says. Like people with drink issues who underestimate the units of alcohol they have consumed, Roger says: ‘I’ve probably been lenient on myself. I have to be honest: I can’t remember a day I haven’t used porn to masturbate since I was a teenager. I’ve even used it when I’ve felt ill. Until therapy helped me change, it was really normal for me to spend an hour and a half a day with porn, so the maths goes like this:1.5 hrs per day multiply by 365 days in a year equals 547.5 hours porn use per year. Multiply this by 45 (the number of years I used porn), which gives 24,637.5 porn-hours. If you divide the 24,637.5 porn-hours by 24 (the number of hours in a day) this equals 1,026.5 days of my life spent looking at porn. The really sobering thought came when I took the 1,026.5 days and divided it by 365 (the number of days in a year). I was stunned when I could see that porn has robbed me of 2.8 years of my life.