Interesting media …

1260785_laptop_workIt always surprises us just how many media contacts we get here at Porn Recovery UK. Too often we have to turn down requests because the programme makers or writers are looking to sensationalise porn addiction and compulsive use – recovery being used as ‘titillation’ and vicarious thrill. However, there are also signs that things are improving and we recently gave an interview for an online article we thought was seeking to get the right message out. Duncan also received an interesting request from Blink Films, a BAFTA award-winning production company ‘noted for their intelligence, warmth and creativity’, that he wants to be passed on to readers of this blog:

We would like to hear from you if you are aged 18–24 and feel that you watch too much online pornography and have done so for years. Do you feel that you might be/are addicted to pornography? We are making a television documentary about some of the issues and will be looking at a cutting edge new treatment to help with the addiction. Please get in touch at