We Want You To Watch by RashDash and Alice Birch

Artwork from NT website for  'We Want You To Watch'

Artwork from NT website for ‘We Want You To Watch’

Duncan E. Stafford of Therapy-space Cambridge says that he’s ‘really glad to have been asked for therapy-space to be included in the programme of RashDash’s new play at the National Theatre as some follow-up support’. The play, We Want You To Watch, which began its run on 18 June, exclaims on the National’s website:

‘This is about pornography.

This is an interview. This is an intervention.
This is an interrogation.

We’re recording now.

We want to pull its plug out. We want to stop its heartbeat. We want to blow its brains out and begin again.

We know exactly what we’re doing.
We’re not stupid.’