Turned On: intimacy in a pornized society

TURNED ON: intimacy in a pornized society is a hard-hitting tale about the causes and outcomes of cybersexual addiction. Told in three parts, it outlines the stories of those most affected, and seeks out the underlying causes and potential resolutions through the voice of a psychotherapist. This book reveals the real victims. Read, and be prepared to consider how many people are blighted by cybersexual addiction.


Patricia Mills (MBACP accred), psychodynamic therapeutic counsellor writes:

Although deeply shocking at many levels, I was left with a feeling of sadness and compassion for both parties. Marc and Louise [the main characters in the book] are victims of their past and their present. Refreshingly, the male isn’t demonised with only the woman being seen as victim. The gender issues raised were based on fact rather than emotion. The author has realistically portrayed the role of the therapist, whose thoughts run alongside the content. While this book might be anxiety provoking for some, it is sensitively written, non-judgemental and ultimately a story of hope.

Rick Belden Author, Iron Man Family Outing: Poems About Transition Into A More Conscious Manhood writes:

“Turned On” is described on the back cover of the book as a “psychotherapy novel.” This characterization, while accurate, might lead some to believe that “Turned On” is going to be a dry, analytical read. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s an authentic page-turner.

I began reading it at about 5:30 yesterday evening, thinking I’d read a few pages and then break to do some other things. Wrong. I read the first 151 pages straight through, took a dinner break, and then finished off the rest at around 10:30 PM. I could not put it down. This is brilliant work.

As I was reading, I kept a running list of words that came to mind as I made my way through the book. Here’s what I wrote:

* harrowing
* ingenious
* graphic
* shocking
* courageous
* compelling
* dynamic
* revelatory
* painful
* familiar
* funny
* sad
* authentic

“Turned On” is a dark journey, to be sure, and not for the faint of heart or those who may be offended or disturbed by a frank presentation of the shadow side of human sexual experience. But more importantly, in my view, it is a journey of awakening to the possibilities of healing and positive change that can only come with a fully felt awareness of the truths of oneself, one’s history, and one’s life. And that is a journey well-taken.

Kathy Mitchell (MBACP accred), person entered psychotherapist writes:

Undoubtedly this is not an easy book to read – given its up-close-and-personal view of extreme pornography.

‘TURNED ON’ does, however, give therapists a safe vehicle from which to explore what is for many unchartered and dangerous territory. I found there was considerable learning to be had from reading the book a second time – enabling me to see beyond the content and into the feeling.

It is a “must read” for any therapist who has reservations about their ability to work in this area as well as being a novel of hope for victims, like its characters Marc and Louise, who are at a stage where they are ready to contemplate the possibility of change.

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