‘EVAN’ is in psychotherapy. He has agreed to collaborate, from time to time, with Porn Recovery UK about his process of working with a 30-year porn habit. Here’s his first blog.

We spoke about not giving up Internet porn all in one go, about ‘not making anything the last time’. The idea is if I said I was ‘giving it up forever’ I might just be setting myself up to focus on porn even more. It all made sense in the session, but I got up this morning and I’ve decided that I have finished with the Net – this is it!

Later, I’m going to round up all my porn and decide what to do with it. Am I really going to stop using it? I was 13 years old when I first started using proper porn. That’s exactly 30 years ago. I have a 30 year-old habit to give up. It feels like I’m doing well in the sessions. It feels much easier to talk about it than I thought. But now I really have to do the work.